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THP500 AC power source


THP500 AC power source

THP series are high power, low distortion, high stability AC power sources, which provide frequency adjustable pure sine wave and especially suit for the test of lower power, household electronic appliance such ad ballast, energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp etc.

Characteristics and specifications:

AC-DC-AC frequency conversion technology

Digital wave synthesis, wave feedback technology, low power distortion

High speed 12A/D bits V, A, W, Pf, Hz

Zero output impedance, equivalent impedance≤0.1

Insulation for power output to make test safely and steady

Protection for over hot and thundering voltage and current

Input by keyboard, big/small adjustment, fast parameter set-up

Output frequency range: 45.00-65.00Hz

Output voltage range: AC 0.0-300.0V

THP-500 maximum output current: 0-150V is 4.2A 0-300V is 2.1A

Total voltage distortion: ≤0.6% (pure anti-load)

Voltage stability: ≤0.1%/30 minutes

Load regulation rate: ≤0.1%

Frequency stability: ≤0.05%/30minutes

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