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HSP6000 Spectrophotocolorimeter


Range of wavelength:380nm-780nm(special:200nm-780nm))

Accuracy of wavelength:±0.2nm

Repeatability of wavelength:±0.1nm

Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate:±0.0003(under standard illuminate A)

Spectrum sampling interval:5nm(Special order:1 nm)

Luminousity intensity:0.3%

Accuracy of luminousity:Class 1

Correlated color temperature measure range:1000k-100000k

Accuracy of CCT:±0.3%(Under standard illuminate A)

Accuracy of color rendering index:±(0.3%rd±0.3)

Environment temperature measure range:-10°C-100°C

Temperature measure range(In sphere):-10°C-100°C

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